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It's a good drawing that emulates the kind of mood of Chuck Jones that looks smooth yet it flows. As well as you, I love Chuck Jones an...

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American Dad Season 3 Scorecard
Camp Refoogee - Supreme
The American Dad After-School Special - Supreme
Failure is Not a Factory-Installed Option - Great
Lincoln Lover - Supreme
Dungeons and Wagons - Epic (My favorite episode of the show)
Iced, Iced Babies - Good
Of Ice and Men - Magnificent
Irregarding Steve - Supreme
The Best Christmas Story Never Told - Supreme
Bush Comes to Dinner - Magnificent
American Dream Factory - Supreme
A.T. The Abusive Terrestrial - Divine
Black Mystery Month - Epic
An Apocalypse to Remember - Supreme
Four Little Words - Supreme
When a Stan Loves a Woman - Divine
I Can't Stan You - Supreme
The Magnificent Steven
Joint Custody - Magnificent
2 Epic
4 Magnificent
9 Supreme
1 Great
2 Divine
1 Good
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5. Of Ice and Men
4. Joint Custody
3. The Magnificent Steven
2. Black Mystery Month
1. Dungeons and Wagons
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Worst Family Guy Showrunner? 

10 deviants said Steve Callaghan and Richard Appel (Seasons 11-15)
4 deviants said Mark Hentemann and Steve Callaghan (Seasons 8-10)
3 deviants said Alec Sulkin and Richard Appel (Seasons 16-on)
1 deviant said David A. Goodman and Chris Sheridan (Seasons 4-7)
No deviants said Seth Macfarlane and David Zuckerman (Seasons 1-3)



Don't say something's a rehash when the episode comes from another show that isn't that show you're reviewing. Just say.."it reminds me of". I'm sure MrEnter has failed this course of the lesson pretty hard.
I dunno...this is something :iconthereviewer20: did, might as well do it some just.

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The Complexity of an Annoying Asshole.
Some people act like a jerk, because they love to act like a jerk.

Others act like a jerk, to expose people whom try to secretly hide their jerkiness, but in reality, fail to do so. The fighter steeps down to the lower type to expose that lower type.
American Dad Season 4 introduces the consistent quality the show would soon fall into throughout its run. That being great seasons where mostly all of the episodes are great, with a few or so below that and a few or so (More often than not.) higher than that. So, yeah, that's pretty much what we're going to be seeing. I don't really see a lot of quality change in the seasons of AD, unlike Family Guy, because the show was run by the same two people, most of the let's go!

American Dad Season 4 Scorecard

The Vacation Goo; Dir: Albert Calleros: The Smiths start to disconnect as a family, so Stan proposes a vacation......which happens..but in virtual reality, which Roger interrupts when he pulls the plug. Every one of the Smiths vacations were revealed to be virtual reality because Stan finds that the only "true" vacation is by himself in the house. Soon, everyone decides to take advantage of the virtual reality system, and Francine finally wants to go on a real vacation...which they do on a cruise....but the family agrees to fake their enjoyment. However, Francine becomes very suspicious and thinks everything is way too perfect and starts going crazy out of fear that everything that happens within the events of the vacation didn't happen...when they in fact really did...causing major chaos on the cruise which eventually leads them (And the girl that Steve somehow got on the cruise.) to get stranded. Meanwhile, Roger wants to be a movie star, but he can't cry on cue. He goes through all sorts of career changes from movie actor to cruise singer (The thing that causes Francine to go nuts because she thinks Roger can't sing.) to the bottom of the barrel prostitute where he FINALLY cries because of how low his career got. Welp. A holdover episode. This one's pretty good. A lot of stuff happens here that is pretty funny. Once again, another creative episode that uses the fictional CIA setting to bring new situations to the plot that are actually really funny this time (Especially when all of the family starts catching on and using it to guide their own well as Francine's insanity when she doesn't know the difference between fiction and reality.). The subplot is pretty good as well, once again expanding on the use of Roger's personas and his troubles he has when trying to pursue something is really funny to watch. Overall, a great season opener, and a great sign of things to come.

Meter Made; Dir: Bob Bowen: After beating up a meter maid for putting a ticket on his car, CONSEQUENTLY after feeling that his life worthless after getting kicked out of a house seeing event for not having a reservation AFTER he tries to pass himself off as being in the CIA MEANS something, Stan is punished to be a meter maid. Stan feels worthless for a bit, but realizes he can scam the job by stealing parking meter money to get rich quick.....until a certain detective named Turlington (Voiced by Forest Whitaker.) is suspicious of Stan and tries to inspect the recent line of missing coins in the parking meters. Meanwhile, Hayley poses for a nude art class to prove that nude art is something to not be ashamed of...until one of the artists turns out to be Roger....and after that...sees Steve MASTURBATING to it. Well..this is an episode. Stan basically commits crimes for selfish intentions and somehow gets away with it through the funny incompetence of Turlington....and it's funny? Pretty funny? Eh...Stan's motivations most times aren't for really malicious nature. They're fucking crazy, but they are all in the good need of his way of expressing himself. Here, Stan's just robbing so he could be don't really find a reason of that, but thinks get really good near the end where we're introduced to one of the three (Now, four, counting Season 16.) Turlingtons that appeared between Seasons 4 and 5 whom are all basically Forest Whitaker doing a pretty funny take on a serious cop that really just doesn't do his job correctly and it's pretty funny to watch Stan try to be lowkey while trying to hide his crimes. To add on, I do find the subplot pretty funny because Hayley rages at the fact at Roger being in art class painting her nude body even though she voluntarily did it to prove her feminist intentions and it's funny to see her uncomfortable with this and the fact that Steve jerked off to it just to compound on her hypocrisy. It's set up well and turns out to be a really funny subplot. A pretty good episode...even if Stan's character intentions are rather questionable here.

Dope and Faith; Dir: Caleb Meurer: Stan yearns for a friend. When he prays for a friend at church, he finds one in the form of Brett Morris. The two get along well, as they share ALL of the same things in common......except for one thing. Brett's an atheist. So, Stan does everything to try to convince him that God is real. Meanwhile, after Steve throws a lowkey insult at Roger for not respecting a fortune teller, Roger's revenge is by convincing Steve that a meth lab is Hogwarts. Two great plots, one great episode. Dope and Faith is a pretty good episode. The mainplot is one of those episodes where Stan goes way too damn far by basically SCREWING this guy's life just so he could prove to him that God is real and "Things happen for a reason" and it's so cruel...but so funny. Once again, unlike Family Guy, the character is said up to be misguided to do these kinds of things and critically you accept because it's in-character even if it is a very drastic measure. I love the ending though where Brett just decides to become a satanist, because when all else goes down the shitter, ay, HEIL SATAN! The subplot basically is similar to Stannie Get Your Gun's subplot where Roger tricks Steve as a taste of revenge, but it's even funnier because since Roger's out of the house doing shit, it gives the plot more leeway to where it could, thus bringing us to a meth lab where Steve is totally fooled and it's really funny to watch. It's like the show was sending out a secret message to Harry Potter fans saying "Magic=Meth" or some weird Illuminati shit or something. Overall, a pretty good episode....a very random and funny one.

Big Trouble In Little Langley; Dir: John Aoshima: Stan hates it when Francine's foster parents come over because of their Chinese roots and ways. Stan becomes so annoyed, that he tries to find Francine's REAL parents and it turns out...that he likes them more and wants to LIVE with them...because they're RICH! Meanwhile, Steve tries to do daredevil stunts to impress a girl. Well...this was a pretty funny one. The mainplot introduces new characters, funny characters that often contrast with Stan with funny jokes about Chinese stereotypes thrown in there, a funny song that serves a purpose to introduce reasons for why Stan considers Francine's REAL parents to be superior even though they were assholes to her when she was first born, and just the comedy in general and the story being structured pretty well. The subplot's fine, but it's not really a standout like the mainplot is. It's just typical Steve doing typical shit to get that PUSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAEEE! Nothing really special, but the mainplot's strong enough as well as funny enough to balance it out as a really good episode that pushes through with introducing new characters and very funny comedy. Very great episode...maybe not blessed, but close.

Haylias; Dir: Brent Woods: Hayley has what can be best assumed as a Vietnam Flashback dream about her coloring in the U.S. flag and getting electrocuted. After that, she breaks up with Jeff (AGAIN.) and tries to move to France to lead a better sex life. Stan finds this out and tries to convince Bullock to activate her trigger phrase (As they had secretly trained her to be a sleeper agent in a secret organization called "Project Daycare", so Stan and Hayley could be a father-daughter team.), but he can't because if he doesn't deactivate her in seven days, she'll lose her ability to think independently. Bullock reluctantly agrees though with Stan's convincing, making Stan shouts out her trigger word phrase "I'm getting fed up with this orgasm" and her turning to Stan's obedient slave. Stan made Hayley get married to another person so she could be the obedient little daughter he always wanted, with Francine not noticing throughout. However, Stan forgets to deactivate her....and on the day of the wedding....Bullock reveals that she won't in fact lose her free will...but will KILL the person whom activated her........which is why Project Daycare was disclosed and now, Stan has to find a way to stop her daughter from turning evil and killing him. Meanwhile, Steve and Roger, after watching a (parody) cop show, try to do their own cop gig, Wheels and the Legman, but they can't decide who should be Wheels or the Legman...because BOTH of them want to be Wheels. So they team up with other people to try to solve one mystery. Well, I hate to tell you this, fans of the show, but Haylias is not really one of my favorite episodes....and I don't find it a really great episode either. There's nothing wrong with the way the story's laid out, how the characters are portrayed, or the writing (Actually maybe the writing.....), it's just that I find this episode to be kind of boring. Ok, not the entire episode, but still. I found the mainplot of the episode...for the first few be kind of boring. Honestly, most of the mainplot was basically just exposition leading up to the well animated and directed fight scene at the end with Hayley and Stan. Exposition, because the whole thing was never really set up or mentioned before this episode (Unlike Tears of a Clooney where in "Deacon Stan, Jesus Man", Francine mentions that George Clooney would be her one free kill...which was later explored in the episode I said up there.), so they had to spend a lot of time telling it, but they didn't really show it, hence show not tell. They missed a BIG-ASS opportunity with the beginning of the episode setting up the fact that Hayley was in some kind of class where she got shocked for everytime she screwed up coloring in the American flag, but we don't get to see more of that after the fact. They instead EXPLAIN it....instead of showing it. Why is that? They set it up very well and it seemed like it was going to get pay off, but no....nothing comes out of it. Not really any funny dialogue or interesting stuff comes out of it either...until the last quarter where Bullock escapes and Stan panics, leading to the fight scene....which was REALLY entertaining. It made up for the boring mainplot, but we can't ignore the fallacies with it. The subplot also saved the episode. I love the Wheels and the Legman segments where Steve and Roger try to solve a mystery that ends up being REALLY unnecessary in the end....and it's really funny here when they try to set it up by applying all the cop cliches. So in the end, I think the episode is good persay, I just don't think it's AS good as many other people find it to be. It could've been funnier and the mainplot could've used some much needed fixes in the storytelling department.

The 42-Year Old Virgin; Dir: Pam Cooke: Stan reveals with his Poker friends (Bad Larry and whom is a one-shot character, the other a minor character.)..and Roger, that he is a virgin...when it comes to shooting and killing people. He states that all his kills were done by others through sheer coincidence. When revealed to the family, Hayley becomes proud, Francine doesn't feel sexual energy for Stan, and Steve disowns his father. So, Stan tries to find a victim for his first killing. Meanwhile, Steve and his friends befriend a pedophile named Randy that moved into town whom kidnaps them and uses them for his pedophilia activities...wherein the two plots tie together and Stan has to eventually save Steve from certain doom...but instead of shooting Randy, he accidentally shoots Bad Larry. That's right. The first episode that was not THAT good. It took 4 seasons for AD to do it, and 1 for Family Guy, so...that's an accomplishment. Why is this episode average? Well...just like the last episode, it's boring, and honestly kind of average, but I find it kind of stupid as well. I mean the whole plot is basically centered around Stan trying to kill his first guy.....and we've Stan shoot a bunch of other people before (Not that it matters, since the show has loose continuity.), but still. I mean, there's an episode in Season 10 where he celebrates his 100th yeah. So, yeah, it's kind of dumb. Plus, not really many good jokes come out of it. Sure, it's mildly funny in some areas, but most of the episode is straight forward storytelling, which is fine, as for an episode with one story with a mini-story tying into the main story to give it purpose, plus it doesn't make the episode BAD, but it's just really average. It's missing comedic elements and entertainment value to make it shine.....and a decent premise.

Surro-Gate; Dir: Tim Parsons: Francine becomes a surrogate for Greg and Terry's baby and Stan's appalled by this and doesn't approve. So for 9 months, he fakes like he approves when the baby is born, in perhaps one of his most CRAZY plans yet, he KIDNAPS THE BABY SO HE COULD TRY TO GIVE IT A BETTER LIFE ELSEWHERE. Meanwhile, after Steve and Roger throw Klaus down a water slide, Klaus swears his revenge. While the two bluff it off at first, they soon start to become extremely paranoid about the outcome. This is another episode just like last season's I Can't Stan You where the episode's so sick, but so funny at the same a lesser extent. It wasn't as funny as I Can't Stan You and it doesn't really parody anything cleverly like that episode (As it is based on Stan's classic conservative views that 'You shouldn't give gays children.'), but it does bring out some pretty good comedy out of this bizarre and oddly crude scenario which in a sick way, makes sense given how Stan's character is handled in most episodes. The subplot is better than the mainplot though, and just really, really funny. It takes the concept of paranoia to a whole new level as Roger and Steve plan to hide themselves in the closet for the 9 months of time that passed within Francine being a surrogate...with them literally starving to death just over possible revenge over a little prank. It's relatable too, because sometimes people can sometimes feel regret for something they did for the lol's and worry, worry, worry. Like me after I got in trouble making a joke related to the #MeToo movement, I now fear that every joke that the immature kids in my class take in is going to be heard by the administrators thus putting me into big trouble! YEAH FEAR-BENDING AUTHORITY! Overall, it's a pretty good, sick-humored episode even if it seems a little cruel at times...especially the scene where Stan kidnaps the baby, though without it, there would be no conflict, so I can't complain.

The Most Adequate Christmas Ever; Dir: John Aoshima: In search of a bigger Christmas tree, Stan finds the perfect tree whilst his family waits in the car, but he dies when it's on him. He doesn't believe this, and tells that he needs a second chance. He goes to angel court with a female angel named Michelle waiting to get her wings (Because she's a horrible lawyer.) as his lawyer, where he has to be proven to get a second life to save his family from freezing to death in the Heaven court. When he isn't given a second chance due to all the footage showing him be a jerk, Stan grabs a heaven gun so he could blackmail God to taking him back to Earth. This is a very creative Christmas special. It takes the old "Second Chance" story to a new level where it sets up a heaven that creatively runs like a court whether or not one goes to heaven or hell and it creates a creative land that is really taken advantage of as Stan tries...and fails to prove that he deserves to stay or not. It's very entertaining to watch, I do like Stan and Michelle's chemistry and the nice ending where Stan convinces God to lend her wings to her as an act of kindness. Oh and speaking of the ending, the final few minutes (Even though it ends with God giving in ONLY because "Eh, it's my son's birthday.") where Stan meets God are the best part of it all, because seeing Stan actually taken down a peg to come and realize that he's wrong through God calmly just telling Stan to give in instead of denying the invetible, a pretty well-executed scene where Stan just gives up after God outsmarts him when Stan threatens him. A pretty good scene. Also, it includes one of the funniest exchanges in the show:

Francine: What's wrong, Stan? 
Stan: I had a nightmare! I took advice from Steve!

That's hilarious. It's sounds cruel, but it's so in-character for him to say that based on the way he thinks of his son as a geek. I love it! XD. Overall, it's a very creative, well-executed, funny, and it's probably one of the best Christmas specials the show's had.

Frannie 911; Dir: Joe Daniello: When Stan and Roger have a big argument, Francine tries to help Roger fake a kidnapping so Stan could care about him since Roger plays victim to Stan during the argument. Stan never shows up to save Roger because he knew the scheme all long was fake and that Roger was using Francine. This causes Francine to force Roger to be nice.....but the nicer Roger gets, the sicker he gets, until he reveals that his species can't maintain themselves unless they release their asshole behavior onto one another. Meanwhile, Steve becomes a back-up dancer to spice up the gags in the episode and Hayley and Klaus have a wild truth or dare game. Frannie 911 is the type of episode, NO one would like, but surprisingly turns out to be pretty funny. It's the only time I've ever seen which gives context to why the character is the way they are and it doesn't seem like a cop-out or forced. Like, it actually makes sense...especially when you see how Roger's species interact on Roger's planet in Lost In Space, it's legitimately true and it actually gives context at building what kind of alien he is. He gets progressively more sicker if he isn't an asshole, that's like a fucking Pokemon's life. Life must suck living for Roger. 1599 years (So far..before the season premiere.) an asshole. He probably got used it, but sheesh. Anyway, they execute this into the plot really well and after Roger uses Francine to his bidding even after he heals, he rightfully gets punished for it by getting beat down in his own attic by Steve and Stan, which is pretty funny karma. The subplot's (The Truth or Dare one.) pretty good as well, though it isn't really developed. Like most, it's joke filler which is fine...but it doesn't do anything beyond that, but I do like the joke filler where Steve is basically just background dancing everywhere, that's pretty funny...even if it doesn't do anything to build on the plot..and yeah, I do think this episode could've been better comedically, but it's a case where giving context to a character works and gives you a new view of the character while also telling a pretty good story and pretty decent comedy to go along with it. Another great episode.

Tearjerker; Dir: Albert Calleros: In this James Bond-esque parody, Stan Smith is assigned by B (Bullock) to take down Tearjerker (Roger), whom plans to destroy the entire world with a film that would make everyone cry to death called "Oscar Gold", about a mentally retarded, alcoholic Jewish boy and his cancer puppy during the Holocaust. On the way, Tearjerker tries to use his minion, Sexpun T'Come (Francine) to seduce Stan, but they fall in love and work together to take down Tearjerker. Tearjerker is fucking awesome. The whole thing is basically a meta-parody on James Bond movies basically taking every spy trope and just making fun of it. Whether it's the intro, the spy organization, the seduction, the punny names, the exaggerated villains, the villain's plan (Funniest part of the episode is when Roger shows "Oscar Gold". That's fucking poetry.), and pretty much everything you could relate with and the jokes just come as they please. It's not really a parody as much as a tribute and it creates its own world around the parody, but it still manages to have some kind of substance and originality to it with the variety of jokes told in the story and the entertainment value. This supplements this episode as one of the funniest in the show and one of the many highlights of American Dad's comedic range. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Oedipal Panties; Dir: Rodney Clouden: Stan's mother, in her first appearance, comes to the Smith house like she always does to mourn and whine to Stan about the death of her latest boyfriend.....supposedly. Francine is getting tired of this and she and Roger team up to find out the secret behind her missing boyfriends...where they find that Stan has dumped ALL of her boyfriends on this one island, just because he didn't want her heart to be broken by them just as Stan's father (Jack...whom by the way, WILL get an episode in Season 5.). Meanwhile, Steve catches a fish disease, the Ich, from Klaus through his trickery when Klaus goes on and on about being lonely and wants to be.....TOUCHED. People don't like this one....mostly due to Stan's incestuous-like relationship to his mother BUT..the BIG   is that this episode is actually pretty good, both critically and entertainingly. It takes a dark direction in explaining Stan's past and it takes a deep-ass look into his psyche and the way he thinks and his motives...which strangely make sense. He says that he wanted to protect his mother from any heartbreak after his father left (So he puts ALL of his mother's boyfriends on and island......DAMN.)...and yeah...that's pretty interesting. He goes to the extreme for really good intentions, that's the best way to describe it. The mystery aspect is really well-executed and the comedy serves the plot well with Stan's oedipal complex with his mom while gross to some (Especially the sensitive PhantomStrider.), I find really, really funny in this episode. ("Wash, Wash, Wash Your VJ. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub Your VJ.") The subplot could've been a bit better though. It's like Herpe The Love Sore, if it was funny...because we know Klaus is secretly a jerk just like the rest of the Smith family, so it works...unlike Brian being a fucking asshole and knowing that he's an asshole...but not doing anything about it anyway....but it's not really as funny or interesting as the mainplot. I do wish more time was spent on developing the interesting mainplot. Overall, it's a pretty interesting episode that gives a view of Stan and how his character works, even though it could've had a better mainplot.

Widowmaker; Dir: Bob Bowen: Francine wants Stan to open up since Stan doesn't tell her anything, so after having a few sessions of psychology with Roger, Stan learns to open up, but eventually reveals that he killed Francine's friend's (Julie) husband. Francine goes crazy when she sees Stan hanging out with Julie very casually and accidentally tells Julie....but subsequently kidnaps her so Stan wouldn't get arrested...but it was all revealed to be a ploy by Stan and somewhat Roger to prove to her that it was all a lie and was just a way to tell don't tell secrets. Meanwhile, Steve tries to get revenge on Hayley for killing the queen bee, but he constantly fails each time. Eh. Unlike in Failure Is A Factory Installed Option, I think the twist is kind of dumb here. I dunno, it doesn't really feel as cleverly executed as it was in that episode and it feels kind of tacked on. This episode was kind of good...but it isn't really as funny or as memorable as some of the other episodes this season. While American Dad focuses more on story than its counterpart, the main factor of the episodes is the comedy...and this episodes not really one of the funniest of the season. It's just...fine. The subplot is just....fine. It's just gags with Steve failing to herd bees....nothing else. Everything feels...fine...but I thought the ending was kind of stupid. A little dull, but it has some good comedy, compounded with a stupid ending, it's a B- good, but not really a favorite or anything for that matter.

Red October Sky; Dir: Caleb Meurer: The CIA is trying to find a former KGB agent, Sergei Kurglov, whom had a huge kill streak. This KGB agent happens to live next door to Stan whom before, Stan agreed with him to give assistance to Steve when he was too busy. Now, Steve slowly becomes a lil' communist....making Stan think that Sergei is up to his old tricks. Meanwhile, Klaus and Roger take a trip to Europe and...shit happens. This episode's pretty good. Both plots are pretty good, serve their purposes, have great jokes, and that's really about it. The focus on story is intact in both plots, the jokes are good, and I really don't have anything else to say other than "It could've been funnier." Pretty great episode.

Office Spaceman; Dir: Brent Woods: When Stan sees on his newspaper that Roger is on there with the headline "Alien Spotted", Stan freaks out. They put a CIA Alien Task Force thing on Roger and Roger disguised goes into the CIA and runs the force and claims that Stan is the alien to protect his identity. Meanwhile, Francine freaks out at Steve's new African-American study buddy not because of race persay...but because she is left-handed...and Francine went to a Catholic school...where lefties are the devil.....but it turns out that she was having PTSD about the strict punishments they gave for being right handed at the school she went to. Roger done fucked up this time. Well, this is different. The whole conflict is caused by Roger's incompetence and I love it. It's the kind of episode that's heavy in the area of stakes as Roger tries to play lowkey when he takes too much advantage of the human world. The situation is varied from the usual (It even starts out differently as after he holds up the newspaper, Stan's just like....WTF.) and it's basically Roger Codger The subplot's a bit weaker though, as while it does a good job revealing some of the childhood background with Francine, it could've been better within the range of jokes...and yeah, the reveal of her rejecting the black girl is kind of obvious that she's not concerned about that, but you just don't know what it yeah.

Stanny Slickers II: The Legend of Ollie's Gold; Dir: Pam Cooke: No Stanny Slickers I.......huh. That's uh...a thing. After having a near-death experience, Stan dedicates the rest of his life to finding Lieutenant Colonel Ollie North's contraband buried golden treasure...but gets buried into his house when he digs too much. Meanwhile, Roger in a grand scam, tries to get sexually harassed at a company to sue a company to get rich (Just like he heard a girl at Best Buy did.), but he constantly fails....until he creates another persona to sexually harass himself to get $90,000. This episode's pretty good. Again, it's pretty much just a regular great episode of the show, nothing really to talk about here. Both plots are equally good (Roger's is a little better due to how bizarre his plans get, just so he could get the money.) and I do like the song about Ollie North in the episode, that's pretty catchy. I love how it switches from the regular animation to a more Schoolhouse Rock style. It's pretty unique and it works well within the episode and the style of Stan's Conservative nature.:

Makes something stand out about it. Otherwise, it's a pretty good episode. It could've been a bit more funnier, albeit, but eh, it's a great episode nonetheless.

Spring Breakup; Dir: Albert Calleros: Whilst Francine's away, the party comes to stay, as Roger (As Scotch Bingington) invites Spring Breakers to the Smith house to have an all-out party while Francine goes away to visit her parents. Stan, during this, yearns for new life and has a mid-life crisis after Francine states that he's becoming to boring for her. However, that all ends when he goes in a fling with this one girl named Jessica and well...he loves her so much, that he looks for her when the whole fling ends after the whole thing is over....until she makes her realize that it was just a whole party and that they were having fun and that he needs to learn to move on. Meanwhile, Steve tries to lose his virginity with Carmen Selectra (Parody of Carmen Electra.), but he's too careful....and wants to check if she's healthy enough to have sex. Basically, he was SO CLOSE...but he was TOO CAUTIOUS. He want it, but he too scared. This episode is just plain FUN. A FUN way to end out the season. Both plots are like a nostalgia trip to the late 2000's culture through MTV parodies and just the feeling of partying during Spring Break, but they don't feel dated. The references don't interrupt the plot and it flows really well and just throws jokes at you, a charming relationship within Stan and Jessica, and a great message about aging. It's basically Mid-Life Crustacean, if it was funnier, light-hearted, and just had something within the tone of the situation that just felt fun. Probably one of my favorite episodes of the show as it manages to do just that...and definitely a great way to end out another great season.

So that's season 4. A pretty good season, one of the show's best. Next time, Season 5, a very boring season to review because most of the episodes are great or divine (8/10) and out of the 20 the season offers, there's only 3 episodes higher than that and one episode below so.....stay tooned! See you guys next time! :)
The review should come out within the next fifteen minutes.
There's been somewhat of a tradition on Family Guy. When the seasons got better after Season 13, the season finales got worse. Road To India was an underwhelming Road-To episode while funny, was just a rehash of the once-a-season "Brian Dates A" plot instead of Stewie and Brian adventure. A House Full of Peters combined two plots in one...with Peter finding his sperm bank children....and Lois for asshole reasons cheating on Peter with one of his semi-children....for no goddamn reason. And then you have Are You There God, It's Me Peter where it TRIES DESPERATELY to tell a good "second chance" plot, but fails because the pacing of the episode feels slow and rushed at the same time and it doesn't really feel genuine and they wasted a perfectly good plot along with it. Last night's episode was funny, but it just didn't have the story structure or correct execution to pull it off, so....yeah.
And I'll make it as such.
I think the "Prison Rules" thing from The Worst Stan should be  a meme.
I think the "Prison Rules" thing from The Worst Stan should be  a meme.


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